Markets Served

From hotels and product launches to sporting events and disaster relief, Zmetra Clear Span Structures is your partner. Our experienced project managers and knowledgeable professional staff will guide you through every step of the process from choosing the right semi-permanent structure to the signage and everything in between. Our extensive inventory of product guarantees we have what you need and ensures on-time delivery.

Hotels and Country Clubs

Semi-permanent structures enable hotel and country club mangers to increase the general square footage. From the most simplistic event to the most extravagant affair year round, we provide the space needed so you don’t have to turn away business. Picturesque and memorable.

Military and Government

Perfect for deployment situations and when relocation is a must: Temporary housing, dining facilities, office centers, product christenings and commissioning. Solutions that are fully expandable, portable and climate controlled. We are there when you need us.


From executive dinner parties to employee appreciation banquets, these structures are perfect for corporate events. Get out of the boardroom and create a unique environment virtually anywhere.

Fairs and Concerts

Tents go hand in hand with fairs and concerts. From the main venue to individual concessions we create the solutions for your needs. We can build your desired configuration on grass, dirt and/or cement helping to make use of every inch of valuable space.

Sporting Events

We work with you and your staff to ensure a pleasurable and profitable venue for your sporting event. Creating a stimulating atmosphere adds to the excitement of the event ensuring all who attend return year after year.

Exhibitions/ Social Events and Weddings

Whether you need a semi-permanent structure for the exhibition or need to add on to an already standing permanent convention center we will work with you creating the venue you desire.

Disaster Relief

We are there working with you and for you whenever a disaster strikes. During these stressful situations you need someone with experience helping you to control the chaos with quick and comprehensive plans. We have the know-how and we have the vast inventory needed for immediate response.


Do you need extra space for product? Have you literally run out of room? We’ve got you covered. The answer is semi-permanent structures. We will work directly with you to create the reliable storage needed for your circumstances.

Product Launches

Let our imagination and your vision work together to create an unforgettable product launch. Let us show you how to “wow” your target audience. Give them the experience of a lifetime using a semi-permanent structure that allows endless opportunity to add the pizzazz!


This is an exciting time…a memory in the making…a foundation for a secure future. Let us help. Rely on our expertise for the tents and accessories so you can concentrate on the other details. Together we’ll create an event of a lifetime.