Frame Tents

Exceptional strength, superior quality and versatility are the trademarks of the traditional frame tent system. From our Standard design to the Quick Top and Festival, the simplicity of the design offers ease of assembly. The frame tent remains the most adaptable and easiest to use of all the temporary structure options. The absence of internal poles maximizes your interior space.


  • The Traditional frame tent is constructed with a structural aluminum frame and durable vinyl tent-top covering.
  • Fabric sections are available in expandable and one-piece designs allowing you versatility when you need it.
  • The frame system is comprised of poles and fittings, most of which are interchangeable between various sizes.
  • Sizes available: 10’ – 30’.

Quick Frame Tent

  • The Quick Top Frame Tent utilizes tensioned-valance technology to create a tighter fitting tent top. By using the tensioned valance you can eliminate the traditional “buckles” used to attach the top to the frame greatly reducing installation time and offering a better performing covering in foul weather.
  • This frame is identical to the Standard Expandable design. You can always opt to upgrade an existing frame to a Quick Top.
  • The Quick Top system is available in one-piece non-expandable versions, as well as expandable versions.
  • Sizes available: 10’ – 30’.


  • The Festival Frame Tent symbolizes structural strength with simplicity of design and is a favorite for many outdoor events.
  • The key design principle behind the Festival system is the cross-cable mast support system, which allows for far less parts than other frame tents and reduces time of installation.
  • The proprietary valance tensioning system and mid-span tensioning system keep the fabric uniformly tensioned and free of wrinkles without added complexity.
  • Sizes available: 10’ – 40’.