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Luxurious Multi-Story Tents: Experience Exceptional Space and Views

Add a touch of luxury to your next event with our multi-story tents. With two or three stories, these tents offer spaciousness like no other, allowing your guests to enjoy a fantastic view from the upper levels.

From patios and mezzanines to covers, our cutting-edge temporary structures offer endless possibilities for welcoming guests.

Features of Our Multi-Story Tents:

  • The sides of the tents include glass-tinted walls, hard plastic ABS, and soft sidewalls in solid, window, or clear options.
  • Our aluminum guardrails and clear Plexiglas railings are made to code, ensuring safety without sacrificing style.
  • We offer standard or spiral stairs that are fully compliant, as well as optional ADA-compliant elevators.
  • Our multi-story tents can be designed and engineered to meet local ground and snow-loading requirements, ensuring a secure and stable structure for your event.
  • Available in sizes ranging from 16′ to 98′ wide with 16’ increments and two to three stories high, our multi-story tents provide the space and elegance you desire.

Don’t settle for the ordinary when you can create an extraordinary event with our luxurious tents. Contact us today to rent our multi-story structures.